Transfer of Inheritance








Aboriginal/Indigenous Natural Peoples of Northwest Amexem North America


Exhibit ’21 – 1306 DC – 12


h —  Transfer of Inheritance  — g


& Restoration of Right

Made: 29th Day of December, 2012 A.D. A.D. [1433 M.C.] [2012 C.C.Y.]


1. Between UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION (Trustee(s)), and the rightful, Declarative and Publicly – Proclaiming Heir – Apparent of the said Estate:  Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, (Aboriginal / Indigenous National Moorish – American / Heir / Moabite) Inheritance – Land and Resources: geographical at Latitude: 38.884549 and Longitude:  – 76.889391

In Maryland Republic) Northwest Amexem – ‘The North Gate’. The Property described herein being known as Lot 18 in Block B in subdivision known as “Estate of Maple Shade Village”, as per plat thereof recorded in Plat Book MLP 152 at plat 17 among the Land Records of Prince George’s County Territory, in Maryland Republic, Northwest Amexem.


 2. This ‘Transfer Agreement’ is a ‘Restoration of Right’, and is invoked (correcting malfeasance and misrepresentations). It is a ‘Public Notice’ and ‘Transfer Instrument’ from THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ET ALLI, and the relinquishment of all Hereditaments back to the RIGHTFUL HEIR APPARENT, Aboriginal and Indigenous Natural Person(s) of the Land – not taxed, Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, In Propria Persona, Sui Juris.  In the matter of ‘Rights of Parties’ and ‘Rights of Property’, this Instrument obtains and establishes ‘Justice’ and ‘Right of Claim’ for the Natural Divine Being, Manifested In Human Flesh,  – Moorish – American National, Richard Pitts Jr & Sandra L Pitts Bey.


 3.  Proclaiming Inherited Birthrights, the Heir also ‘Reclaims’ all assumed authority or power of attorney from all alleged Trustee(s). The Heir intends to, and exercises, such Rights to bring Remedy to the present misrepresentations; the mis-assumed authorities; the wrongs; and to all former misappropriations, by addressing Personam Jurisdiction. Particular emphasis is placed upon ‘In Personum Jurisdiction’ (jurisdiction over the person). The said ‘Claims of Right’ and the exercising of such Rights and Jurisdiction include the subject matter of all Hereditaments, corporeal and incorporeal, etc.


 4.  Operating and navigating in a misnomer / nom de guerre, and ‘colorable status’ have, has, and does, manifest as dishonorable and injurious to the Natural Divine Being, Manifested in Human Flesh. This corrective ‘Agreement’ between THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ET ALLI and Richard Pitts Jr & Sandra L Pitts Bey, shall stand as ‘Positive Law’ and forever Cured. We, Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, are sanguine descendant of the Ancient Moabites / Moors; are aware of our rightful status; are not a minors; are not an agreed, ward of the state; and We are publishing ‘for the record’ that We are competent, from this day forth, to take our seat and place amongst ‘The Affairs of Men’.


 5. (Absent of the color-of-authority activities imposed by occupying, foreign, colonial European Oppressors and disingenuous Book-keepers) We are competent to handle the Affairs of our Personal;  our Inheritance and  our Nation / State as it relates to us and to our people – the Moors of Northwest Amexem – Northwest Africa – North America – ‘The North Gate’.


 6.  Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, are Natural Divine Beings Manifest In Human Flesh – being  Aboriginal / Indigenous / Moorish American Nationals, are embracing (and not abandoning) any of our inherited or secured rights; with said rights and immunities affirmatively secured and protected by the Zodiac Constitution; the United States Republic Constitution; the Treaty of Peace and Friendship; the United Nations Declaration Rights of Indigenous People; the United Nations Rights of Human Beings; the United Nations Rights of the Child; and acknowledging that the said Rotarian instruments of National and International Law, gives support to, reaffirms, and are in place to enforce all said ‘Compacts / Treaties’ upon all nation states in their obligations to uplift-fallen humanity – the Moors of Northwest Amexem – Northwest Africa – North America – North Gate. The same spirit of right – law principles of enforcement are expressed within the peace – promoting initiation of ‘Decolonization’ by its supporting Committee member states.  

7. This remedy – oriented Transfer of Hereditaments invokes Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey Unalienable / Inalienable, Secured Rights; Substantive Rights; and Birthrights as a Moorish American National. This Public Notice, Inheritance Claim, and Publication, is further supported by, and affirmed by:



a). FREE MOORISH-AMERICAN ZODIAC CONSTITUTION: (Zodiac Constitution and Birthrights of the Moorish Americans) being Ali, Bey, El, Dey and Al), Article two (2) Paragraph two (2).


b). UNITED STATES REPUBLIC: DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE: Moorish American Credentials: AA 222141 TRUTH A-1




d). UNITED STATES REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION: Article III (3), Section two (2), Amendment V (5) (Liberty Clause) and Amendment IX (9) (Reservation of the Rights of the People).




f). Universal Declaration Of Human Rights – United Nations Human Rights (Article Fifteen (15).




h). Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1786 – 87, superceded by Treaty of 1836.


i). The Declaration of the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and People – United Nations: General Assembly #1514. 


j). The American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man’ (Adopted by the Ninth International Conference of

American States Bogotá, Colombia, 1948 at Article 5, Article 17, and Article 26


k). Declaration on the Principles of International Law


l). Executive Order Number: 13107, 63, Federal Register, 68,991 (1998) – Implementation of Human Rights Treaties

With this document in place, proper identity for Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, establishes and removes for the record any and all misrepresentation(s) of abandonment or alleged abandonment(s) or by any claims to that effect, stated by, or constructed by, any foreign persons; any foreign entities; any foreign guilds; or by any  private foreign unions, or associations, etc.


 8.   Any persons alleging any claims of authority, or who make any claims of ‘power of attorney’, or, who make any other unfounded claims, to the contrary of this Allodial Instrument, are hereby and herein ‘Rebutted’. No foreign person(s); and no foreign entity or entities, possesses ‘leave’ over us. No foreign person(s); and no foreign entity or entities, possess, nor have they been given ‘power of attorney’ over our natural, “proper person”, nor over our Hereditaments. No enemy of the State; no violator of the Constitution for The United States of North America; and no violator of The Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Morocco and the United States, can ever, under any lawful circumstance, represent us or represent any interest or estate concerning us.


9.  We, being ‘Rightful Heirs’ and Inheritors of the Land and all Hereditaments, am ‘Presenting’ ourselves (in our proper – person) to all comers and to the civilized world of nations.


10.  We are Claiming Rights to our vast Estate; to our Free National Name; to our Religion; to our High Culture; to our ancient Customs; to our Inheritances; to our Heritage, and to our Aboriginal / Indigenous  Rights, in all the aspects, and nuances related thereto; and to the Rights of the studies and re-acclamations of the same. We hold our Honor and Title to our Nationality and to our Birthrights – being diligent and responsible to the Honor of our Ancient Mothers and Fathers. Furthermore, We dedicate ourselves to that which is right and true – being reputable to the great ‘Humanitarian Cause’ of helping to uplift fallen humanity; and to acknowledge the vast Moorish Heritage and responsibility to the social duties inherent to the awakening of our people. And so, to all persons to whom these presents shall come or be made known, We assert our rightful Claims; and we speak and Declare for the record, this Allodial Decree. Let this Truth stand as Sovereign, in harmony and in unity with other active, loyal Moorish-Americans who have, and do, remain true to the Divine and National Principles of the Redemption Cause of our people and of humanity at large. And with that same affirmatory Truth, we homologate our Rights to our sempiternal Heritage and to our vast Estate.

We Are: _________________________29th day of December, 2012  A.D. [1433 M.C.] [2012 C.C.Y.]

Richard Pitts Jr & Sandra L Pitts Bey, Authorized Representatives Natural Divine Being Manifest In Human Flesh, In Propria Persona:All Rights Reserved: U.C.C. 1-207 / 1-308; U.C.C. 1-103.  c/o 1306 Dillon Court, Capital Heights Territory, Maryland Republic, Zip Exempt [20743] Northwest Amexem.









Aboriginal and Indigenous Natural Peoples of Northwest Amexem / North America


For the record request through:

Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey


When documented, please return this ‘Allodial Al Seisin in Deed’ and all other documents to the mailing location below:                                                                                                                  

Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey                                                             




c/o 1306 Dillon Court                                   

Capital Heights Territory                                           

Maryland State Republic – Zip Exempt [20743]

United States Republic, North America

Non – Domestic and Non Resident


When using mailing location address EXACTLY AS PRINTED        



(Transfer and Remission of Inheritance from Trustee(s) to Heir)




      As Natural Heiress to the land – Northwest Amexem / Northwest Africa / North America / ‘The North Gate’ We Reclaim and Assert all my Rights and Inheritances. The Trustee(s) – THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION(doing business as) THE STATE OF MARYLA / WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., President and Chief Executive Officer John G Stumpf, its Agents, Chief Financial Officer Timothy J Sloan, Senior Vice President David A Hoyt and Board Members. The Trustees do lawfully hereby REMISE, RELEASE, SURRENDER, AND FOREVER QUITCLAIM to, Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey (Moabite / Heir / Matriarch), ALL RIGHTS, ALLODIAL TITLE, INTERESTS AND CLAIMS to the following REAL PROPERTY LAND / GROUND in, MARYLAND STATE REPUBLIC with the following legal description:


ALL THAT CERTAIN lot or piece of land / ground, described according to PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY RECORDED, alleged as follows, to wit:


The Property described herein known as Lot 18 in Block B in a subdivision known as “Estate of Maple Shade Village, as per plat thereof recorded in Plat Book MLP at plat 17 among the Land Records of Prince George’s County Territory, in Maryland Republic, Northwest Amexem.  


A CERTAIN parcel of land, with easements, building and improvements thereon, situated.


BEING ASSIGNED [1306 Dillon  [Court]


Property Description and location according to Land Records – FULL


All that tract or parcel of land situate commonly known

the alleged same premises described herein as 1306 Dillon Court, Capital Heights, Maryland with LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lot 18 in Block B in a subdivision known as “Estate of Maple Shade Village”, as per plat thereof recorded in Plat Book MLP at plat 17 among the land records of Prince George’s County Territory, in Maryland Republic, Northwest Amexem.


Being the same premises now granted on the 29th Day of December, 2012 A.D.  [1433 M.C.] unto Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, by Inheritance –


We are Recording this Transfer Publicly: of Inheritance Quitclaim Allodial Al Seisin in Deed / Judgment by Default / Allodial Quiet Title by Estoppel; and Documenting the same publicly, the 29th Day of December 2012 A.D.  This document shall serve as ‘Public Notice’ to all whose presents this shall come:

Location:  Latitude: 38.884549; Longitude:  – 76.889391

[Maryland Republic]

Northwest Amexem


Quitclaim Allodial Al Seisin in Deed – 1  

Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey and Related Documents – published the 31st Day of                December, 2012 A.D. [1433 M.C.] [2012 C.C.Y.]




Aboriginal / and Indigenous Natural Peoples of Northwest Amexem North America


Writ for Allodial Al Seisin In Deed


Exhibit ‘A2912H2011E’


Nobles: Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey


1.   To All Those To Whom These Presents Shall Come, Know Ye:


Be it known, remembered and acknowledged this day, and for all time that we


Nobles: Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey doth Affirm, Attest, and Declare, that we seize this land Allodial


Al Seisin in Law; Allodial Al Seisin in Fact; Allodial Al Seisin in Deed, in the name of


Allah, the Most High, Creator of the Heavens and Earth.



2.  We, Nobles: Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, By the Might and Power of Allah The Most High,


Creator of The Heavens and The Earth, upon receipt of this land from


Heirs or Assignee(s) of present name on Title, and Assign Allodial Al Seisin in Deed


brings this lawfully described land, as described below ‘out of equity status’ as shown


by prior record(s); and, do hereby Remise and forever Release all Rights, Title, and


interests in the below Described land to Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, In Full Life and


Sovereign Status of Truth A-1 AA222141, Registered with ‘The Department of Justice’.


3.  We am claiming the described Land below by authority assigned by Inherent rights at least in common law and so brings said land in Paramount Title.  Property so sought to be seized and lawfully described and referenced under Allodial Al Seisin in-Deed.


4.   ALL THAT CERTAIN lot or piece of land / ground, Easements described according to the Corporate

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY RECORDER, alleged as follows, to wit:


The Property described herein as Lot 18 in Block B in a subdivision known as “Estate of Maple Shade Village”, as per plat thereof recorded in Plat Book MLP 152  at plat 17 among the land records of Prince George’s County Territory, Maryland Republic, Northwest Amexem.



 5.     A CERTAIN parcel of land, with easements, building and improvements thereon, situated near the Corporate Town of Capital Heights, Maryland.  



6. Together with all Hereditaments, EASEMENTS, tenements, soil and improvements, Pre-Existing and Pre-Emptive Rights appurtenant thereto, Allodial Al Seisin in Law; Allodial Al Seisin in Fact; Allodial Al Seisin in Deed.  The first party (Trustee) to a ‘Deed of Trust’ THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; STATE OF MARYLAND; HARTFORD NATIONAL TITLE TRUSTEE / WELLS FARGO N.A.; AND ALL SUBSIDARIES, Et Alii] Grants/ed or Relinquishes to the second party (Heir Apparent) Nobles: Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, all Rights, Claims, and Immunities ‘Allodial Al Seisin in Deed’ as per the above lawful described property(s)  and ‘Allodial Al Seisin in Deed’ to: Nobles: Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, and to their Heirs, and present and future Assigns, forever.

7. This ‘Allodial Al Seisin in Deed’, in accord with national and international law ‘Rights of Indigenous People’ is ‘Recorded’ and ‘Published’ via / at a Moorish National Republic website,

(https://, posted as Affidavit, as Claim, and as Evidence and for ‘Public Notice’. Affirming that “Notice to Agent(s) is Notice to Principal and Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent(s)”; and to all rightful Descendants; to all their assigned and authorized Successors, and / or Assigns, etc., and to all others (foreign persons or entities, etc.) that may have, or who may assume concerns, allege Interests, or state any unsubstantiated Claims, that the above – described Land and ‘Private Property’ (American / Al Moroccan Territory(s) are and is secured and protected under the ‘Allodial Al Seisin Deed’.


8.  We, Nobles: Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, are the Heirs / Assigns / Inheritors, by Birthrights and in Law, of the Lawfully Described portion / part and parcel of Land granted under ancient Pharaoh survey authority – being original, ‘Allodial Title’ being (pre-Bishopric / pre-Colombian / pre-Colonial) Amexem. The same Terra and Private – Property Inheritance Transfer and Relinquishment is duly Authorized to be executed in pursuance of the Supremacy Treaty Law, citation and Constitutional Mandate, to which the Senators and Representatives, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States, and of the several states, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support, by Constitution and Treaty obligation; Anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding. Whereupon a duly authenticated true and correct Lawful description of said private – property, together with Hereditaments, Tenements, soil and Improvements, bound by pre-existing and pre-emptive Rights appurtenant thereto, are Allodial Al Seisin in Law; Allodial Al Seisin in Facts; and Allodial Al Seisin in Deed.


9.   If this Allodial Al Seisin in Deed is not challenged by a lawfully qualified and competent party, supported by documented, affirmative national identity of ‘persons’; and having and producing for the record, physical evidence valid and provable Claim, Lien, Debt or Equitable Interests, filed in a competent jurisdiction for a lawfully validated Action; and in provable authority of an Article III Section II Court of Original Jurisdiction; within twenty [20] days from the filing of this Notice; then the above described Land and property shall be affirmed by the Allodial Claim and become ‘of right’ the ‘Allodial Freehold Paramount Title’ to the Heiress or her Assigns to the said Land and property, etc. The Allodial Al Seisin in Deed shall henceforth be considered Perfected in the name of Allah, The Most High – Lord of All the Worlds; and to Nobles: Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey and their Heirs. All and any future Claims against this Land and property shall be null and void of law; and shall be forever waived.


10.  Therefore the said land  and property remains Allodial, unencumbered, free and clear; without liens; and not lawfully attached to or by any other(s) in any way; and is hereby Declared and Decreed to be private land and private property in ‘Allodium and Paramount Title’; and not subjected to any  residential / commercial forums; nor to any ‘color-of-law’ actions. It is further stated for the record that (states can not make treaties). Diversity and Consular issues are of National / Federal Jurisdiction.


11.  When a lawfully qualified Sovereign / King and / or Nation that makes a Claim to a Title and have challenged the court of competent, original, and exclusive jurisdiction (states can not make treaties) such an Action or Instrument (if rebutted) rests with the Common Law, Supreme Court (Article III / Consular / Special Sessions / or the exercise of Sovereign Rights Jurisdiction(s). any Action initiated against an Allodial Al Seisin (by a corporate state or other respective statutory, legislative units) would be an ‘Cross-Jurisdiction Action, void of jurisdiction, and outside of any lawful Venue or lawful Court. (See: Ultra Virus Act).  There is no ‘at law’ issue contained herein that may be heard or in any state courts, ministerial court, municipal  court, nor can any Court of Equity / of Admiralty or of Maritime jurisdiction, set aside, annul, hear rationale, nor alter or  attempt to allege to correct an ‘Allodial Al Seisin in Deed’.


12.  Additionally, a ‘Common Law’ courtesy of ‘sixty (60) days’ is / was stipulated for the presentment of any Rebuttal or any challenges; causing hereto, otherwise Laches or Estoppels shall or has forever bar or cause to be barred, the same against Paramount Title / Allodial Freehold Estate; assessment lien theory to the contrary, notwithstanding.  Therefore the said Allodial Al Seisin in Deed / Declaration, after sixty (60) days from the date of Recording, stands as Law. And if no rightful challenges are brought forth and upheld by a competent court of proper jurisdiction, and the Allodial Claim described herein is left un-rebutted, this Instrument shall be ‘Perfects’ –  Allodial / Paramount Title held in the said Heirs names forever. 


13.  Such ‘Allodial Al Seisin in Deed’ as evidence of ‘Allodial / Paramount Title’ held by a Sovereign / King and / or a Sovereign National, doth Grant, Assign, and Convey all Rights and Title to the Land and Property forever; without encumbrance of mis-classification, and without the tax seal or assessments of the  State of Maryland Foreign Corporation; hereby executed by the ‘removal of fraud’ and a rebuttal against cross-jurisdiction activities, perpetuated on or by the State of Maryland officers or employees or contractors, by the first signature grantors of the corporate state of Maryland, their agents and their principals. Allodial / Paramount Title are bestowed by right-law upon the Land, attenuated with Unalienable Rights forever. There are, and can be, no liens, no attachments, and no encumbrances imposed upon land or property held in Allodium.


14.   All non-applicable, Constitution – repugnant, inferior codes and statutes, included but not limited to, the mis-classification of land and property (listed as residential and commercial) and which is recorded in the ‘Deeds of Records’ for taxation purposes, shall be forever null and void of law and void of inclusion (as Deeded Trust Properties of the county, or state, or enclave) and implied or assumed as taxable on behalf of the Federal United States and or by their agents or quasi-government agencies. The ‘Principals’ are removed from any and all claims of Trusteeship, by virtue of necessity, for all of the ‘fraudulent acts’ initiated or practiced by the State and Federal Legislatures. All Rights of Title to ‘Private Property’ are guaranteed by the Organic Constitution for the United States of North America. 


 15.    Admittedly, the Federal United States Government Corporation holds true to no covenants; abides by no Oath(s) of Office(s); and offers no Constitution – secured guarantees to the rightful Heirs and Assigns of ‘The North Gate Estate’.  Any and all fictitious and unlawful liens granted by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, imposed over U.S. citizens and over those in treaty and in alliance with the United States, was legislated by the ‘Bankruptcy Act of Congress – guised under HJR 192, June 5, 1933, and held ‘unrevealed’ and ‘undisclosed’ by all private Title Insurance Companies;  with such acts manifesting as ‘Misprision of Treason’; and the said Title Companies; all their said Claims; and all unlawful Liens or Attachments; Encumbrances shall be forever held as unlawful; and the said Claims or Liens, etc., by the title Companies or their Assigns, and (executed upon this Moabite and or the Moorish Nation / Nationals) shall be declared null and void; as their origination was and is in a Color-of-Right; a Color-of-Law; a Color-of-Authority; a Color-of-Office; and constructed and processed by way of Fraud and by Malfeasance.  Any Allodial / Paramount land or properties held by guaranteed rights of Title shall stand unmolested.  This Heir to this Allodial Al Seisin in Deed will not, and  does not intend to, under any circumstances, Abandon Rights, Possession, and or Title to the /our Lands nor to my / our private property(s)!


16.  The said violating persons, principals, Agents, Officers, Quasi-Officers, Employees, and / or their Assigns, shall be held to the ‘Stare Decisis’ standards and Obligations established by the Supreme Law of the Land (Constitution and Treaties). The following United States Codes of Law have been violated, or are being violated, and shall be enforced; but such enforcements shall not be limited to them:

17. NO TRESPASSING: or doing any unlawful act(s) or any lawful act(s) in an unlawful manner to the injury of another’s person or property; with Trespass being an unlawful act committed with violence, actual or implied, causing injury to the person, the property, or to the relative rights of another; an injury or misfeasance to the person, the property, or the rights of another; done with force or violence, either actual or implied in law. Trespass comprehends not only forcible wrongs, but also acts, the consequence of which makes them tortious.


18. Trespass, in its most comprehensive sense, signifies any transgression(s) offense(s) against the law of nature; the laws of society; or the laws of the country in which we live; and this, whether it relates to a man’s person or to his property. Trespass in its more limited and ordinary sense, signifies an injury committed with violence; and this violence may be either actual or implied; and the law will imply violence, though none is actually used, when the injury is of a direct and immediate kind, and committed or tangible and corporeal property of the plaintiff. of actual violence, an ‘assault and battery’ is an instance; of implied, a peaceable but wrongful entry upon a person’s land.     


19. Title 18 United States Code (U.S.C.) Section (s) 241 and 242

Title 42 United States Code (U.S.C.) Section (s) 1981,

Title 42 United States Code (U.S.C.) Section (s) 1982, 1983

Title 42 United States Code (U.S.C.) Section (s) 1984, 1985, and 1986

‘The Rico Act’

Vienna Convention – Treaty Violations

Human Trafficking

Vienna Convention – Court of Justice – Consular Relations – Treaty Violations




Misprision of Treason


Perjury of Oath



     Jurat is, or refers to, the certificate of officer or person before whom writing was sworn to. It is the clause written at the foot of an affidavit, stating when, where, and before whom such affidavit was sworn. ‘Perjury Jurat’, in criminal law, is the willing assertion as to a matter of fact, of belief, of opinion, or of knowledge, made by a witness, in a judicial proceeding as part of his evidence, either upon Oath, or in any form allowed by law to be substituted for an Oath; whether such Oath is given in open court or in an affidavit, or otherwise, such assertion being material to the issue or point of inquiry, and known to such witness to be false.

     Perjury shall consist in willingly, knowingly, absolutely, and falsely swearing, either with or without laying hands on the Holy Evangelist or of Almighty God, or affirming, in a matter material to the issue in point or question, in some judicial proceeding, by a person to whom a lawful Oath or Affirmation is administered.          



21.   We, Nobles: Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, Declare and Say, We Reserve and Preserve all the fundamental freedoms; and all our Moabite Inheritance – given Birth-Rights. In addition, We Claim and Possess all Divine Rights; all Substantive Rights; all Unalienable Rights; all Birthrights; and all of Nature’s Law Rights, etc.; acknowledging the same as being the divine –given inheritance of every divine human being, manifested in flesh, and dwelling upon this Earth.


22.   Any and all, past and present misplaced, mis-assumed, alleged, misrepresented, coerced, and / or usurped ‘powers of attorney’ or secretly – created ‘prima facie trusts’ or ‘wardship – implied’ political affiliations, recorded or filed by ‘colored’ corporate operation(s) or by colorable actions of quasi-law persons, or otherwise established with, or by, foreign persons or entities; they are hereby, now and forever, Rebutted, Dissolved, Revoked, and Rescinded. The foresaid stands as law, Pursuant to affirmed, Indubitable Truth; United Nations IPO # 215/93, NIS 21/593; to Title 28, United States Code (U.S.C.) 1746 (1); and executed by ‘Right’ and without the laws of the United states, or any other foreign entity or persons.


 23.    We Affirm under the Moorish Zodiac Constitution, in ‘proper – person’ identity, presentment, and affirmation, our ‘Proclamation of Rights’; and in alliance with The United States Republic Constitution and Treaty; that the foregoing Statements and Claims are true and correct, to the best of our belief and informed knowledge. And further Deponent saith not. 


 24.    We now Affix our Autographs, with EXPLICIT RESERVATIONS OF ALL OF OUR UN-A-LIENABLE RIGHTS, ‘WITHOUT PREJUDICE’ AND ‘WITHOUT DISHONOR’ to our specific ‘Common Customs’ and ‘Common Law Rights’ not to be bound by any forced or misrepresented contract(s) or obligation(s), which we have not entered into knowingly, willing, voluntarily, by misrepresentation, by threat, by duress, or by coercion, etc.  Our private – property ‘Seal’ and Autographs, below, is for identification only; and does not grant jurisdiction to any person(s) or any entity(s) at any time; nor to be trespassed by any person(s) or entities by way of assumption(s) of ‘leave’ of ‘power of attorney’ nor by any ‘implied right’.


25.  I / we, Moorish – American(s), are for Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice; but when these Principles are violated, Justice then must take its course.  Remember, we are for peace and not destruction. 


Notice to agent(s) is notice to principal and notice to principal is notice to agent(s).



Respectfully Filed and Published   



Nobles: Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey                                    UN IPO  # 215/93 NIS 21/593  

In Propria Persona Sui Juris All Right Reserved, Preserved & Observed Without Prejudice  U.C.C. 1-308 1-207 / 1-103






All Right Reserved, Without Prejudice U.C.C 1-207 – 1-308 U.C.C. 1-103     








Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, Allodial Al Seisin in Deed published December 31st, 2012 A.D.




















Aboriginal and Indigenous Natural People of North-West Amexem / North America


Judicial Notice and Proclamation


To All Elected United states Republic Officials and Public Servants of Federal, state, City and Municipal Governments, Personnel, and Corporate Entities: Concerning the Constitution and all Statutory, and Civil Law Codes of the Land, etc.


Know All Men By These Presents:


      The present Affirmatives are made upon our Inherited Nobility, and upon our Private Aboriginal / Indigenous, Proper Person Status, and Commercial Liability. We, Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, Being duly Affirmed under Consanguine Unity; pledge our National, Political and Spiritual allegiance to our Moabite Moorish Nation–being the Ancient Aboriginal / Indigenous of Amexem (the Americas); standing squarely affirmed upon our Oath to the “Five Points of Light” – Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice; do squarely Affirm to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; and having knowledge and firmly – establish belief upon the historical lawful and adjudicated facts contained herein. 


      United States Republic Constitution, Article 1 of the Bill of Rights   Congress shall make no          law(s) respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or        abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to           assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances


      Citizenship is a political tie; allegiance is a territorial tenure […] The doctrine is that allegiance cannot be due to two sovereigns, and taking an oath of allegiance to a new, is the strongest evidence of withdrawing allegiance from a previous, sovereign…Talbot v. Janson, 3 U.S. 133 (1795) 


     We Affirm that our residence, our domicile, and our estate, etc., are within our own proper – person, and natural selves; as We cannot reside in, We cannot live in, We cannot domicile or have (an address) outside our own living, breathing, and thinking natural, biological and spiritual ‘self’.  As clearly noted above, We voluntarily, and with full understanding, knowingly pledge our National Political and Spiritual allegiance to our own birthright, Moabite / Moorish Nation. Thus, all Honors, all Titles, all Hereditaments, and National / social and political loyalties follow.


     Definition of States: A people permanently occupying a fixed territory bound together by common-law habits and customs into one body politically exercising, through the medium of an organized government independent sovereignty and control over all persons and things within its boundaries, capable of making war and peace and of entering into international relations with other communities of the globe. United States v. Kusche, d.C. Cal., 56 F. Supp. 201 207 208.


     “Just as there is freedom to speak to associate and to believe, also there is freedom not to speak, associate or believe”.  “The right to speak and the right to refrain from speaking are complementary components of the broader concept of individual freedom of mind.” (Wooley v. Maynard, [430 U.S. 703] (1977) freedom of conscience dictates that no individual may be forced to espouse ideological causes with which he disagrees:


  “[At] the heart of the First Article of the Bill of Rights is the notion that a individual  flesh and blood human being should be free to believe as he/she will, and that in a free society one’s benefits should be shaped by his/her mind and by his/her conscience, rather than coerced by the State. “ Abood v. Detroit Board of Education 431 U.S. 209 – 1977.


     “Freedom from compelled association is a vital component of freedom of expression.  Indeed freedom from compelled association illustrates the significance of the liberty or personal autonomy model of the First Article of the Bill of Rights.  As a general constitutional principle, it is for the individual and not for the state to choose ones associations and to define the persona which he/she holds out to the world” 

(First Amendment Law, Barron-Dienes, West publishing, ISBN 0-314-22677-X, pp. 266-267.)



     Being competent, In Propria Persona – In Our Own Proper Person,  to attest to this Affidavit upon which We place our Autographs / Signatures and Seal; Whereas, We State, Proclaim, and Declare the following to be true, correct, certain, complete, and not misleading. This Attestation is supreme and not intended to be presented for any misrepresented ‘‘colored” or improper use or purpose, to wit:


      That We, Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, Are Nobles of the Al Moroccan Empire (Northwest Amexem / North America) In Propria Persona (our own proper person and self) being Aboriginal and Indigenous to the Land(s) Amexem / America Territorium of our Ancient Moabite Moorish  Foremothers and Forefathers to wit:


      The Al Moroccan (American) Continents are the inherited Lands of the Moors – being North America, South America, Central America, (Ameru / Al Moroc), including the adjoining (Atlantis) Islands (Americana).


      We Acknowledge, Claim and Possess, by said Inheritance and Primogeniture Birthrights, the Freehold Status thereto; all Unalienable and Substantive Rights are to be enjoyed and exercised; and We Reserve our Rights to Act, to dress, to live, to work, and to do commerce, distinct to our Aboriginal Customs and Culture, absent of imposed assimilation to Feudal – law fraud governments and the dead – culture, forced servitude promoted by them; and asserting our rights to exercise (in unity with other Aboriginal / Indigenous Moors / Muurs) to be our own selves, and, by birthright, determining my / our own political, social, and economic ‘status of the state’

     We are turning our hearts and minds back to our Ancient Mothers and Fathers – Moors / Muurs, by Divine Right, by Association, and by Natural Rights. Being Moorish – American, I / we have and possess the internationally – recognized and recognized Rights to determine our own ‘Status of the state’; with such exercises being absent of threat, coercion or acquiescence to Color-of-Law, Color-of-Authority, and Color-of-Office, actions or activities, etc.; nor to be subjected to an occupational government’s imposed Color-of-Authority war crimes. 


      We, Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, can never be, at any time, nor under any lawful condition, a member or citizen of the Union States Society nor of the United States of America as established via the United states Republic Constitution Article 1 Section VIII (8) Clause XVII (17) that is also affirmed in the Original Article of Amendment 13,Section 12 of 20; it states:


      Section (12) The Traffic in slaves with Africa is hereby forever prohibited on pain of death and the forfeiture of all the rights and property of persons engaged therein and the descendants of Africans shall not be citizens.



     All occupying or immigrant persons of European ancestry are foreign to all Moorish /Americans.  Therefore, all Europeans and European – dominated Jurisdictions (Feudal) are Foreign Jurisdictions to Moorish –Americans (Allodial). The historical and political basis of the relationship of the two parties are affirmed by the Moors’ Inherited Rights to the Land (America); expressed by foreign state status, affirmed in Article III, Section 2 of the United states Republic Constitution; and by the obvious issue of distinction of consanguinity; and by the Treaty of Peace and Friendship, entered into before the adopting of the Constitution; which establishes, in truth, the ‘common law’ conditions and foundation of our intercourse and diversity of citizenship in our controversies, interchanges, and prescribed jurisdiction and venue classification, etc.


     The United states Republic Constitution Article 1 Section (10) Clause 1 [Limitations of the powers of the several States – 1.]:

     No State shall enter into any Treaty, alliance, or confederation; Grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; Coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any thing but gold or Silver coin a Tender in Payment of debts; pass any Bills of Attainder, Ex Post Facto Law, or Law impairing the obligation of Contracts or Grant any Titles of Nobility.





We,  Are________________________________________

Richard Pitts Bey & Sandra L Pitts Bey, Authorized

Representative Divine Human Being, In Propria

Persona: Sui Juris Reserving all Rights U.C.C. 1-308 –

1-207 U.C.C. 1- 103 1306 Dillon Court, Capital Heights Territory, Maryland State Republic Northwest Amexem   Non-Domestic – Non-Subject – and Non-Resident








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